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Create an online program that you develop after you’ve already sold it!

You do the most of it yourself. It is your business and this will give you the knowledge to continue the process in the future without our help.

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The part where we make your clients ecstatic about your offer and services. It’s all part of succes.

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Let us do some basic technique behind.

Let us build your professional authority website and an automated sales funnel so you can work and focus on what counts. We use independently available programs to set up your online sales channel. So you are not depended on us and can do it yourself in the future.

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What other people said:

Mascha Weston:

“I was struggling to find my target ideal market’

Toyin Ademola:

My calls with Timon were very Professional and well worth the time spent. His understanding of the challenges and suggested solutions were very insightful. His ability to help with the mind map process to ensure a seamless structure of information was quite powerful. His ability to ensure that we had an in depth discussion about how to best grow my business was great – an actual conversation not a sales conversation, which meant a lot to me.

Kathy Ambrosic

Kathy Ambrosic:

“I recently had the pleasure of receiving business coaching from Timon. Although I have another business coach, I found the two styles very different and offered different advice. The other coach is more technically focused, whereas Timon helped me really home in on my ideal client, which I am very excited about. He also asked questions that required me to think outside my box, such as “how will my ideal client know they need my service.”. This one question was huge, whereas it really changed how I intend to communicate my services going forward. I highly recommend Timon as a business coach. He knows the right questions to ask to help you dig deeper. Thanks, Timon”