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Would you like a business with at least $100,000.- in sales every year? Interestingly, when you ask that question to business owners, many are hesitant with an answer. Not because they don’t want it, but because they believe it isn’t possible for them. They know, and therefore believe, that there are businesses that have $100,000.- in sales. But they don’t believe they can make it. Most of the time because they spend years trying to grow their business and never reach that figure. Even though they invested in training, so called coaches and so many other programs, they still can’t seem to crack the code.

The reason is simple, the vast majority of online courses, programs and coaches don’t work. How often did you buy an online program but didn’t even complete it? I know I have, several times. Or have invested in a coach who, as it turns out, doesn’t really care about whether you make it? Again, been there done that. They are all talk, no results. And when you confront them with the fact that there aren’t results they blame it on your mindset, or your dedication, or you didn’t implement their system exactly as they told you to do it. In short, they have excuses!

I have learned this the hard way by investing tens of thousands of dollars in programs and coaching without getting real results. Nowadays I ask myself one question, does this coach or program guarantee results? If not, I move on.

So how does this relate to the e-book we’ve published?

The e-book is an important first step in creating your own successful online program, but in all honesty it is exactly that, the first step.

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