About us

What we do

We help (online) entrepreneurs with creating their successful online programs and the marketing and operational strategy behind it. We combine their entrepreneurial skills with our knowledge of systems and marketing techniques.
What makes us unique is that we guarantee results!
But naturally we then also expect something from the entrepreneur: commitment and a pleasant cooperation in order to achieve his or her – and maybe your – goals together. Your goals are ours and your success is our success.


I’m Timon Vinke

Timon is an author, educator and coach to business owners around the globe.

He worked in at least twenty countries and lived in four of them. Working with and managing all these different cultures has given him a unique perspective on business.

As a General Manager of an international multi-million branch office at the age of 29 he tripled the sales in just three years.
Subsequently he started his own successful consultancy business which he grew to six figures within a year.

Timon currently teaches and helps business owners around the world to optimize and grow their businesses.

Timon lives with his wife and two sons on the Canary Islands.

Timon Vinke’s website is: www.finch-rock.com


I’m Dennis de Vogel

Dennis is a graphic designer, visual communication expert and a illustrator living in the Netherlands.

Based in the Netherlands, he works for different national and international companies and helps them professionalize their visual communication and marketing.

As a professional, university graduated graphic designer, he has 12 years of experience and works for all types of companies. His company is an officially recognized Dutch Design agency.

He is specialized in a specific marketing niche: promotion. Promotion through strategy and visual communication. He combines his expertise in promotion with two other important elements of marketing: product creation and location.

Dennis his website is: www.dennisdevogel.com